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Trauma Work

A parent's worst nightmare is harm to his or her child. Has your child experienced or been exposed to trauma? Whether it be physical, sexual, domestic violence, an accident, or other trauma, if trauma is affecting your child's happiness or ability to thrive as he or she should, Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy brings hope and help.

An eight-year-old, "I have a really good life, and this is messing it up."

Perhaps you have personally faced the nightmare of childhood trauma and find the effects of the trauma are still being felt. If you feel stuck, afraid of the past, afraid to move forward, or if certain memories or situations tie your stomach in knots, there is hope, as you learn to face the past with help and care. With help you can move from the pain of the past and find healing.

Marriage Therapy

Sometimes one partner is not open to marriage counseling while the other partner knows the marriage can be improved. Sometimes one partner wants communication while the other views communication as the problem. Sometimes communication is not what is needed, and sometimes traditional marriage counseling is not what is needed. One partner can make a difference in a marriage. You can learn to implement loving actions that can transform your marriage from one of pain and endurance to one of love, joy, and respect.

"My marriage was like a tapestry - only I could only see the underside. Now I can see the beauty of our marriage."
"Marriage counseling for one works!"

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